Bộ ghi, đoc thẻ RFID 125KHZ, ghi mã thẻ T5577/EM4305

  • Sản phẩm: Bộ ghi, đọc thẻ RFID 125KHZ, ghi mã thẻ T5577/EM4305
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  • Sản phẩm: Bộ ghi, đọc thẻ RFID 125KHZ, ghi mã thẻ T5577/EM4305

Product’s Information

Dedicated for AGV trolley RFID landmark sensor

125KHz Card RFID Desktop Programmer Card Writer Reader

  • Read and write
  • Simple, practical and affordable
  • No need to install driver, USB interface plug and play,
  • The card writing software does not need to be installed, it can be used directly by double-point operation.
  • Support card types: T5577, EM4305 card.
  • Working frequency: 125KHZ
  • Interface type: USB drive-free USB power supply
  • Operating system: WINDOWS 2000/XP/7/8/10


Note: This card reader can only operate one card at a time, and irrelevant cards should not be approached.

1. Card reading:

Put the card in the card slot of the card reader and click the “read card” button to see the data in the card in the software window.

2. Write card:

1. Choose the card type, T5577 or EM4305. For the card type, please refer to the label on the card package.

2. “+1”: Select consecutive numbers to write cards, each time a card is written, the card number will automatically increase by 1, eliminating the trouble of manual modification

(Usually not used, do not click)

3. “Protection”: select protection, other devices can not change the card number, (usually not used, do not click)

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